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Founded by Michael Roché in 2005, Lengh x Width (formerly known as “Area New York”) is a full-service brokerage firm, specializing in residential coop & condo sales (representing both buyers and sellers), as well as rentals. Marked by an undisputed commitment to professionalism, excellence, and personalized service, Length x Width is quickly becoming a staple in the real estate market, continuously attracting an ever-branching network of tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers alike.

Length x Width is committed to creating the most satisfying experience in Real Estate for all our clients through the efficient delivery of our professional, honest, skillful and passionate boutique service. Our core philosophy is that we are agent-centered so our agents can in turn be client-centered. We define our culture as one that is respectful, fun, fulfilling, lucrative, sophisticated, educational, inspiring, competitive, nurturing, innovative, and team oriented. We believe that prosperity in every aspect of our life is essential to success.



Michael A. Roché

Michael is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Southbridge Towers. He attended Dwight High School on the Upper West Side and graduated from Lehigh University in 2002. After graduating from college, Michael began his career in Real Estate as a licensed salesperson working for Citi-Habitats.

A year into his career, after being awarded the highest honor for deal production at Citi-Habitats, Michael became a broker and launched his own firm which would later be called “Length x Width”. Over the past 18 years, Michael has directly participated in 100’s of rentals & sales and managed 1,000’s more on behalf of his agents in the Lower Manhattan area.


Office: (212) 227-8281  |  Mobile: (917) 392-3534

Michael Roché  –  SBT Listings

  1.   90 Gold Street, Apt 5C  –  “SOLD”
  2.   333 Pearl Street, Apt 16B  –  “SOLD”
  3.   90 Gold Street, Apt 11F  –  “SOLD”
  4.   77 Fulton Street, Apt 25G  –  “SOLD”
  5.   90 Gold Street, Apt 6A  –  “SOLD”
  6.   100 Beekman Street, Apt 6B  –  “RENTED”
  7.   100 Beekman Street, Apt 10G  –  “SOLD”
  8.   80 Beekman Street, Apt 4F  –  “SOLD”
  9.   77 Fulton Street, Apt 25G  –  “RENTED”
  10.   80 Beekman Street, Apt 5J  –  “SOLD”
  11.   90 Gold Street, Apt 14K  –  “SOLD”
  12.   90 Gold Street, Apt 18F  –  “SOLD”
  13.   90 Gold Street, Apt 23G  –  “RENTED”
  14.   333 Pearl Street, Apt 16H  –  “SOLD”
  15.   90 Gold Street, Apt 25G  –  “SOLD”
  16.   299 Pearl Street, Apt 4B  –  “FOR RENT”
  17.   77 Fulton Street, Apt 22G  –  “FOR RENT”
  18.   100 Beekman Street, Apt 5E  –  “FOR SALE”
  19.   90 Gold Street, Apt 14B  –  “FOR SALE”
  20.   100 Beekman Street, Apt 6B  –  “FOR SALE”


The website is owned and operated by Michael Roché – Broker of Record & Owner of Length x Width, LLC. 

Length x Width is an independent real estate brokerage firm and is in no way affiliated with Southbridge Towers, Inc or Century Management.

Michael A. Roché
Length x Width
Broker of Record
Office: (212) 227-8281  |  Mobile: (917) 392-3534

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